SGA meeting required for potential officers

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Students wishing to run for offices in the Student Government Association will be required to attend an organization meeting on March 25.

SGA Vice-President junior Betsy Dominguez is heading up the meeting along with election commission chair Kenesha Butler, which will be held in room 321 of the Lowman Student Center beginning at 5 p.m.

“It [the meeting] is really important. There’s no exceptions,” Dominguez said. “This is when we go through election codes and all the rules of campaigning.”

The upcoming election will be for both officer and senator positions. The meeting is mandatory in order for students to become familiar with campaign rules. Dominguez said there have been numerous changes to campaigning policies

“Before, someone sent in a mass e-mail. It’s against the rules,” she said. “The only campaigning you can do is word-of-mouth or flyers and posters. And you can’t campaign in front of the computer labs. That’s like campaigning at the poll.”

Dominguez said that there have been problems every year in the past on voting issues and how candidates campaign. The meeting is being required to avoid similar controversies this year.

“After this meeting, they’ll get to campaign for two weeks, and then the actual voting will be at the end,” Dominguez said.

The elections will be held on April 7 and 8, and will be done online.

“Computer services is doing the actual election voting and on the same days there will be a referendum where students can vote about issues on campus.”

The SGA grievance committee, led by senator Jason Horn, composed the referendum. Concerns that will be discussed this year will include 24-hour visitation rules in residential dorms, the usage of LSC facilities for non-student organizations and administrators and parking issues.

Dominguez does not anticipate any troubles to occur this semester and feels the meeting will be beneficial

“I think it will go well if we explain things clearly at the meeting, and we’re going to emphasize it over and over again to make sure there’s no problems,” she said.

Once elected, Dominguez said the new officers and senators would take over officially on June 1.

Dominguez said she looks forward to her passing of the torch to the next vice-president with some mixed feelings.

“It’s a little sad, but I’m excited and glad that I did it and went through the whole process,” Dominguez said. “I loved meeting people and being a representative of the student body. I’ve really enjoyed that, it was a plus for me.”

Applications for the offices are available in LSC 326, and no experience is necessary for students to apply for different offices. Requirements for the positions are a 2.5 grade point average for officers and a 2.0 GPA for senators. Students also must have completed three long semesters of university schooling, two of those semesters at SHSU.