Restructuring from the inside

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President Gaertner announced an administrative reorganization for SHSU last Thursday in a press release. Several changes will take place to complete the reorganization that will be put into place Sept. 1, 2004.

The first change, the only change effective immediately, is the promotion of Dr. David Payne to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs of the university.

The second change is the creation of a fifth college at SHSU. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences will be created through a reallocation of some departments from the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education and Applied Science (pending Board of Regent approval). President Gaertner said on Monday, “the College of Arts and Sciences has 60 percent of all faculty on campus, and it’s not a good structure.”

“We are going to try to reduce the size of the college to better support growth in the future,” said Gaertner. Dean, associate dean and administrative assistant positions will be added for the new college, but all other staff will be transferred from their current departments. The funding for the new college will come from the continued growth at SHSU. The possibility of reaching over 14,000 in enrollment next year is very likely.

Another change is creating the vice president for enrollment management position. The press release said the “person would be responsible for recruitment and retention of undergraduate students.”

The following areas will report to this new position: Undergraduate Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid, Residence Life and Career Services. “The vice president for enrollment management will also be responsible for the operation of the soon to be constructed Visitor Center, as well as student orientations and ‘Saturdays at SAM'” according to the press release.

Another new position that will be created is the director of marketing, who will report to the vice president for university advancement. A search will be conducted for both the vice president for enrollment management position and the director of marketing position, President Gaertner said.

A few other changes that will take place include: the director of athletics will report to the president; the public safety services will report to the vice president for operations and finance and the director of the museum will report to the vice president for university advancement.

“I believe this new administrative structure will better help the growth and retainment of students and respond to the state’s ‘Closing the Gaps’ effort,” said Gaertner. The “Closing the Gaps” campaign was created by the state of Texas to attract and gain more students for all universities in Texas. President Gaertner explained that the “the whole idea is that we want to bring more people to higher education.”

“At the macro level, the increase of students is good for the state’s economy, but at the micro level, it is good for students as individuals to get a higher education.”