50 different companies coming to career fair

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The College of Business Administration (COBA) at Sam Houston State University will hold its spring 2004 Business Career Fair on Tuesday, Feb. 17 in the Lowman Student Center Ballroom. Doors for the event will open at 10 a.m. and will last until 4 p.m.The Business Career Fair will feature 50 different booths from companies such as Cintas Corporation, First International Bank Texas, Kroger Corporation, Houston Independent School District, Mervyn’s, Target Stores, Progressive Insurance, Walgreens and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and will allow students to find out what the various companies are looking for. Margaret Quarles, the event’s coordinator, said that business students of all classifications should attend.”Freshmen can build experience and confidence when speaking with recruiters and sophomores can come and inquire about internships and learn how to conduct better interviews. Juniors should definitely come for internship opportunities and to start getting their resume in the pipeline. And, well, if they are a senior, hopefully they are not waiting that long to do something for their career,” Quarles said. Quarles also emphasized that the event is not simply limited to those majoring in business and that “one-third of the companies present will be looking for students of any major.”In order for students to get the most out of the event, Quarles gave several suggestions on how to prepare.”The first item is that students need to get a resume in order, preferably just a one page outline of their goals, their past work history, any information about their college career and their major and also any involvement they have had in organizations that would showcase leadership skill,” she said.The second item Quarles suggested was that students visit the COBA website at www.shsu.edu/~coba and click on the “Career Fair” link to view the full list of companies in attendance to “see who offers what and to target what they are seeking.”Finally, Quarles also suggested that students pay proper attention to their appearance.”A suit is not required, though it would be nice, but they need to have a neatly appearance because they need to make a good first impression,” said Quarles. “They need to be neat and clean and not ragged looking.” In addition to door prizes, students will also have a chance to win the “Best First Impression” contest, with winners selected from names submitted by the businesses for the student who made the best first impression. Winners will be awarded student subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal.For more information regarding the Business Career Fair, students should contact Quarles at GBA_MSQ@shsu.edu.