Just My Thoughts

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I believe the article (Anti-gang laws allowed soldiers to kill hundreds of teenagers) is so outdated. Why is the Houstonian publishing this now? I don’t think it was publish by the Associated Press just recently (or was it?) so why is the Houstonian doing it now?? If there was a need to publish a story on Honduras why not choose a story about how Honduras may have a chance of playing at the upcoming World Cup if they are able to defeat Costa Rica on the Nov 17th. Why do we have to focus on the negative aspect of things? In my opinion, the police was portrayed as being the ultimate villain here, but seriously Honduras was having such a hard time trying to control these “maras” that the only resolution they found was to go out and literally kill them all. A lot of these gang members (who don’t all happen to be teenagers by the way) have died and to be honest some people were a little relieved that finally the government was doing something to take care of this problem. Yeah I know that is sad and I myself don’t wish death upon anyone else, but what else could they have been done? These were not people who were willing to bargain. They were pure evil; they were terrorizing their own people!! These gang members were capable of putting a gun to your head and shooting you if you didn’t give them your pair of shoes. You weren’t able to wear jewelry or were always afraid that someone might try to kidnap you thinking that your family has money to pay for a ransom. It was that bad….and it still is. I’m not going to deny it; I know Honduras is still a very corrupt country but at the same time it is slowly but surely progressing as the years go by. So don’t be fooled people, Honduras does have a lot to offer and is a very beautiful country full of beautiful beaches, natural forests, and wildlife and no not everyone is corrupt, most people are surprised to see how hospitable my peoples can be. (By the way I do know what I’m talking about…my ENTIRE family just happens to be from Honduras and I’ve lived there myself.)