Group intends to do more than’talk’ about parking

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Campus parking has been one of the student body’s highest-ranking complaints this semester, but a group of upperclassmen intends to do more about the problem than just talk. Seniors Mark LeBig, Joseph Ordanes and junior Kody Bryan have joined together in an effort to find out the root of the parking problem on campus and, more importantly, a way to alleviate it.

“In the four years I’ve been here, I’ve never seen parking this bad, even though we have all of this new stuff like additional parking lots,” LeBig said. “Sam has become more popular, and that’s awesome, but they haven’t made accommodations for all of the new students.”

One of the groups’ primary objectives is to solicit the help of students at the campus and at other schools to assist them in documenting and investigating the parking situation. “We know that faculty parking has been taken away to make more room, but it’s not clear where the advantage is for students,” Ordanes said. “We want to enquire, investigate and find people to help out. It doesn’t seem like there’s parking available, but we could be wrong. There could be more parking spaces than parking stickers given out. We just want to make sure.”

Once the group has the assistance they need, they plan to begin their process by photographing different areas for parking around campus to see if any obvious changes could be made. They next intend to take their documented evidence either to an SGA forum or to another campus official who could apply their knowledge to actual change.

LeBig, Ordanes and Bryan firmly believe that they cannot make a difference on their own, and they are only at the beginning of a long process.

They have no intentions of blaming the problem on anyone, but rather want to work with any and everyone willing to find possible solutions.

“We’ve already talked to campus police and they agreed to help us but have said that the information we need takes time to collect,” LeBig said.

The group has begun their process and intends to work from the ground up to find a solution that will benefit the campus as a whole. Having been on campus for at least three years each and witnessing dramatic changes has impassioned them to attempt to make a difference with what students have noticed collectively.

“We’re not trying to create problems. We’ve noticed a situation and we want to know if there’s something we can do as a student body to fix it.”