Sam Center conducts workshops for study skills

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Beginning March 22, the Sam Center will be conducting a series of workshops for students to improve study skills. These workshops will cover things such as procrastination, stress and time management, textbooks and effective note and test taking skills.

This program has been running ever since the Sam Center opened. Last semester, more than 800 students attended the workshop. Anyone can sign up in the Sam Center or by calling 294-4444, and it costs nothing.

It consists of a series of six 50-minute sessions. All of the sessions are continuously monitored to guarantee success and to make sure students’ time is not wasted. Dr. Bernice Strauss, head of the mentoring center, said, “This program is very useful if a student is interested in raising their GPA. You give us six sessions and we will give you a higher GPA.”

There are 25 groups each week so that everyone can be better accommodated. The program is also offered at the University Center on Thursday evenings at 5:15.

Furthermore, the Sam Center is currently starting a similar program in the high schools. It is designed to better equip students who are not prepared for college. Strauss said, “Students who always made good grades with little studying in high school get discouraged in college, when actually they were just ill prepared.”

The program is very beneficial to many students and is helping more be effectively prepared for college work because these are things that every student struggles with while obtaining his or her degree.