Fraternity apologizes for actions

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An Open Letter to the Student Body, Faculty, Administration, and Alumni of Sam Houston State University from The Men of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

In The Houstonian on December 2, 2004, an account of an incident involving The Men of Delta Tau Delta was published. This incident resulted in a serious penalty being imposed on our chapter. In retrospect, the men of Delta Tau Delta realize that the proper authorities should have been contacted to resolve this incident, and we accept the university-imposed penalty.

For those who may have missed reading the article, here is a brief recap of the chain of events that led to the sanctions imposed on us until August 15, 2005:

What started as a friendly encounter between students at a local bar, resulted in one of our brothers being physically assaulted by a member of another fraternity.

In the ensuing scuffle, a member or members of the other fraternity took our brother’s wallet; Later that evening, a student called our brother and said they knew where his wallet was and that he could come and get it. Accompanied by one other brother, he went to retrieve his wallet; however, upon arriving they were told to leave.

Additional members of Delta Tau Delta went back to help obtain our brother’s personal property.

When one of our brothers was hit, a fight resulted in members of both fraternities being hospitalized.

We regret that the impact of this incident has damaged our reputation. We are a group of 60 men who believe that Delta Tau Delta stands for the “education of youth and the inspiration of maturity.” The four fundamental principles of Deltism are Truth, Faith, Courage and Power: These fundamentals guide our pursuit of living lives of excellence and service to mankind. During the time between now and August 15, 2005 the men of Delta Tau Delta will work hard to earn the respect of the university community. We look forward to the restoration of our status as an approved student organization. We will develop a Conflict Prevention and Resolution Program that will be taken by every member every semester beginning next fall. We invite all students to attend these programs. We realize the need for all to understand and respect each other’s views, traditions and practices. We respectfully request that you accept our apology. Sincerely, The Men of Delta Tau Delta