Zoning board says ‘no’ again to musical church

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MOUNT PLEASANT, Pa. (AP) A zoning board for a second time denied the request of a man who wants to operate a “music church.”

The Fayette County Zoning Hearing Board recently voted to deny William Pritts’ request for a special exception that would allow him to host music, fund-raising and religious events. Board members voted to deny the permit based on loud sound level, the county designation for the land and public safety concerns.

Neighbors have complained that Pritts hosts weekend concerts at his rural property, drawing hundreds of people and playing music well into the early morning hours. One couple said they had seen fights at concerts.

Pritts, a feed store owner, argued the church plays music until 1:30 a.m. on Saturday nights and the sound levels are lowered at midnight and 1 a.m. The church, which has about 250 members, is located 1,500 feet from the nearest home and includes a stage where the concerts are held.

The board initially denied Pritts’ request on Aug. 10, 2001. Pritts appealed to the Fayette County Court, which remanded the case to the zoning board.