Color guard performing at halftime

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The football team won’t be the only ones playing to the crowd at tonight’s football game. The SHSU marching band and color guard will perform for spectators during half-time.

“We will be marching to ‘Barbarian Horde’ from the Gladiator soundtrack,” said Sandy McDowell, flute player in the band. “I like aaudience should get excited about the color guard being featured during half-time.”

The color guard will be performing to “Let’s get it Started” by the Black Eyed Peas. “I like our dance because it’s difficult. We have more people in guard this year, which make our routines more challenging and so much fun,” said Aaron Stewart, color guard member.

“Our new element will be rifles. With these additions to our flags, it will help us decorate the field with color and skill,” said Stewart. Dr. Robert Meaux, director of the band, said the band is ready for the performance and they will give a clean performance.

“The majority of our band is freshmen and they have adjusted very well to college band performances,” said Meaux. “This is a challenging show, but they are going to do well.”

Amy Hubble, support staff member for the band, said the audience will watch in amazement at the marching formations. “The design of the march is incredible and it fits the music perfectly,” said Hubble.

“I have total respect for them.”

The band will also be playing “Disco Inferno” for the Orange Pride dance team.