Bearkat Idol’ returns

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Two years ago, the Talented Tenth organization began a talent search at Sam Houston State to find the first Bearkat Idol. Of course it was supposed to be Sam Houston’s little rendition of the nation wide phenomenon, American Idol. It was a very popular competition on-campus, with 21 contestants fighting for the title. After four weeks of vigorous competition, there was one left standing. Oddly enough…that was me. It was an amazing experience for me and I enjoyed the title for a year.

The following year, the Talented Tenth asked me to co-host Bearkat Idol 2. It was hard to pass on the torch, but it was time and I loved being a host. It was great to see the competition from a different perspective. I didn’t have to worry about hitting the right notes; instead I had to worry about making sure I said the contestants name correctly!

Now, a new year has come and the search is on again for the next Bearkat Idol. Since this is my last year at Sam, The Talented Tenth were kind enough to ask me to be involved in the competition again. I am honored to say that I am one of the judges for the competition. The first show was this passed Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the LSC Theatre.

It was really interesting sitting on that side of the stage, critiquing hopefuls than being in the middle of the stage getting critiqued. What’s even more interesting this year is that not only is there Bearkat Idol, but the Talented Tenth decided to incorporate another show…Next Top Model; this is based off the hit reality show on UPN which searches the country for the next top supermodel.

We began with 11 contestants for Bearkat Idol 3. Each contestant was given 30 seconds to sing acappella with the support of a microphone. This is usually enough time for a verse and the chorus of the song. Then, like American Idol, judges have time to give their critique on how the contestant did. When all of the contestants were finished, we each voted and give our score sheets to The Talented Tenth to be tallied. The way we scored is based upon the criteria of tonality, personal style and stage presence.

In between the contestants for Bearkat Idol, we also looked at the contestants for Next Top Model. Each contestant had the opportunity to strut their stuff on the catwalk and give us a brief bio about them. When all of the contestants were finished, we each voted and gave our score sheets to The Talented Tenth to be tallied. The way we scored is based upon gracefulness, style, overall appearance and confidence.

After all the votes were tallied, we had to make eliminations for the next competition. In the end, there can only be one of each. We narrowed the contestants for Bearkat Idol 3 to eight and Next Top Model down to 10. It was very tough to even make those cuts, so I am sure next week is going to be very difficult not only for the contestants, but for the judges as well.

The next round for Bearkat Idol 3 and Next Top Model is going to be Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. in the LSC Theatre. Admission is $3 or $2 and one canned good item. The proceeds go towards the Good Shepard Mission, The Talented Tenth and prizes towards the contestants. So if you are not busy next Tuesday and you want to see some beautiful women and hear some talented singers, head over to the LSC, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.