Parents’ Association offers ‘goodies’ to help students through finals week

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Free scantrons, apples and candy have been a part of the Sam Houston State Parents’ Association’s Apple Days since the early 1980s. The Parents’ Association gives out these goodies to students and staff the Monday and Tuesday before finals week during the fall and spring semesters as a form of encouragement.

Mary Ellen Sims, Dean of Students, said the parents enjoy being able to give something to the students “to say we care about you, we’re thinking about you, and we hope you do well in this semester.” She added that the parents from the association “represent every student’s parents who can’t be here.”

Ginny Ginn is a mother of a freshman pre-veterinary science major.

“This is my first time to do Apple Day and its exciting because I get to see all of the students and let them know that there’s people out here that care about them and want them to succeed,” she said.

Cynthia Stewart is a nurse at MD Anderson and takes time off a couple of times a year to help. She said, “It’s a lot of fun. We’re encouraging people on their exams telling them to do well.”

Stewart, whose daughter is a sophomore, said she was an involved mom throughout her daughter’s high school career and hated to give that up. “It’s a good way to stay connected, see the campus, meet the students, and feel like you are doing something to help,” she added.

Cybil Sanderson has been a part of Apple Days for four years. “Being a part of Parents Association means a lot because I enjoy meeting the students and seeing their smiles,” she said.

Members of the Parents’ Association will hand out 17 cases of Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples, candy, lollipops, and scantrons near the fountain and throughout the mall area.

The SHSU Parent’s Association began in 1979 as a way for parents to stay connected to their students by participating in various campus events and becoming aware of campus issues and programs. The Parents’ Association assists with [email protected], co-sponsor Parents Weekend, help with freshman orientation, and provide scholarships to members of the Parents’ Association.