Bookswap Web site up and running

14 years ago Comments Off on Bookswap Web site up and running

The Student Government Association is on the brink of establishing a new “Sam tradition” in the form of a student-only book exchange, based online. Though the name of the site is still changing and advertising has not started, a positive reaction has been received from the general public and the site has nothing to do but grow.

“In the beginning of the school year, SGA created textbook committee to implement a book swap or exchange and this is a result,” SGA observer Christopher Whitaker said. “A student, Tin Pham, created the site, and it will stay up and be run by SGA, we just have to iron out the details.”

How the site works is not up for alteration. Students go online and create an account, listing the books they want to sell by title, author and ISBN, in addition to including whatever contact information they choose, options including e-mail addresses, messenger screen names and phone numbers. The information is then available for students who request the books listed on the site.

“The site has nothing to do with money, it just hooks you up with people who have the book you want,” Whitaker said.

Since the site is currently paid for entirely by donation, questions have arisen as to how advertising and expansion of the site will be paid for. Dean of Student Life Frank Parker is assisting SGA by looking over the contract set with the campus bookstore to find out whether or not student service fees can be used for the site without breeching the previous agreement.

Currently, the primary concern for the site is actually getting the word out. The site was designed for students only, not bookstores or any other establishment. A few changes yet to be made include the schools’ name being included in the site’s name, which has changed from to, and also to make it clear that when the site says a book does not exist, it merely has not been registered on the site yet.