Students attend ‘Fair’ despite rainy weekend

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Despite a very rainy start, residents of Huntsville and surrounding communities poured onto downtown streets Saturday for the 30th Annual Fair on the Square. Although perhaps not reaching the 15,000 person average attendance the fair yielded in the past, fair-goers were nevertheless undeterred by the morning’s soggy start, as many came to shop and enjoy a variety of food, crafts and activities.

Among the gang of dedicated volunteers, most of who had been working since six that morning, was SHSU communications major Terence Daniels. Daniels is currently interning with the Huntsville/Walker County Chamber of Commerce and experienced first hand what it is like to coordinate an event like the fair.

Daniels said that students “should be out here because its something they can really get involved in with the city.” He said although Sam Houston and the City of Huntsville operate independently, being involved with the city helps students take ownership of the city in which they live. “There really is a lot to do in Huntsville but you just have to get out there and see, and if students were to come out to things like Fair on the Square, they would see all of the wonderful things that Huntsville has to offer.”

Although not affiliated directly with SHSU, many students take an active role in helping the fair get carried off successfully. There are quite a few Greek organizations that volunteer actively including some that arrived on scene at the crack of dawn to get everything kicked off. In addition, the Webb Society of the History Department dressed up for the occasion in hoop skirts and top hats helping to raise awareness about Huntsville’s annual Folk Festival another unique event to happen in November.

Many students just come to see the sights and be a part of all the action. Among those trying to stay dry this year were senior Brandon Cranford, a management major, and his girlfriend Tiffany Gray, an education major, who have made it a custom to attend the fair annually. “We have done this every year, rain or not,”

The couple attends because they think that they enjoy the unique environment and getting a chance to peruse the many vendors’ tents for Christmas gifts “it’s kind of a tradition,” added Gray. “Most of our family lives elsewhere, so they don’t get to come to this…” explained Cranford “so what we buy for Christmas, we buy here.”

Gray said the fair offers a variety of things students rarely get to experience like truly unique atmosphere and food and they both look forward to being able to come out again next year but they hope they can leave their umbrellas at home.