Organizations raise awareness with ‘UniDiversity Week’

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The Office of Multi-Cultural and International Student Services, together with Students on a Quest for Unity And Diversity, will be organizing several events this week to raise awareness and initiate conversations about religion, sexual orientation and race.

“I want to enable faculty, staff and students as well as people in the Huntsville community to get out of their comfort zones and learn about people of a different culture or people of a different ethnicity,” said Jennifer Roberts, Coordinator of M.I.S.S. “I also want to allow all participants an opportunity to express themselves and their cultures because, especially in the university environment, there needs to be an outlet for all students to express themselves.”

The opportunity is called UniDiversity Week and yesterday at 4 p.m., “The Magic Box” helped students explore stereotypes. Today at 12:30 p.m. in the LSC mall area, M.I.S.S. will celebrate Oktoberfest with root beer. Tomorrow’s activity will be the “Wall of Prejudice” at 4 p.m. in room 307 in the Lowman Student Center. It is a chance to explore the things that come between people who are different from one another. Thursday’s event is the Multicultural Think Tank, where the Greek organizations on campus will try to become more cohesive. It will take place over breakfast, and people who want to participate in this activity should contact Student Services.

UniDiversity Week is part of the Multi-Cultural Awareness Certification program. By attending three of the required sessions (see the office of M.I.S.S.,) students, faculty and staff earn points toward their certification. This can improve resumes, and professional development, or lead to scholarships.

The Office of Multi-Cultural and International Student Services is located in the Office of Student Activities and can be reached at (936) 294-3588.