CBS under fire as debates heat up

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The presidential debates are underway and after the first debate, which took place this past Thursday night, polls show that Kerry has gained on Bush. During the debate which was to be focused on foriegn policy and homeland security, it became a contest of who would handle the Iraq situation better.

Although Bush has his negative circumstances, Kerry has his. Lately, his campaign has been under investigation and scrutiny about their relations with CBS after the 60 Minutes 2 broadcast interviewed, John Burkett, a source who said he was given documents that concerned memos about Bush’s ‘dishonorable’ serivice in the National Guard. Before it’s broadcast, Kerry aide Joe Lockhart, a former White House press secretary, admitted to contacting Burkett at the request of CBS. The Kerry campaign received Burkett’s number from Mary Mapes, a veteran producer for CBS News who was noted for not keeping her liberal political beliefs secret.

Burkett, who has been noted by the Houston Chronicle to be “a disgruntled former guard member”, and who compares Bush with Hitler and Napolean as one who wishes “to rule through tyranny”, has admitted to lying about the memos being authentic and that he made copies and burned the originals given to him.

Longtime Democratic strategist Pat Caddell says that Democratic officials have deeply involved themselves in this and that “it’s incredible…they’ve gotten in this.”

He also said that if the memos turn out to be forged that “it would be the end of the race” for Kerry.

Former CBS News correspondant Bernard Goldberg says that he has “never in [his] life seen a more one-sided piece in the history of televsion” and that if there is a connection with CBS and the Democratic campaign that it would be the biggest story of the year. He added that “it not only sinks John Kerry’s candidacy, but it is ‘lights out’ for CBS News as we know it.”

He considers it ironic that Dan Rather, who cunducted the interview, is acting just like Richard Nixon did during Watergate, the president who he helped bring down. reported that liberals are joining conservatives in the supposed “scandal” they are now calling “doc-gate”. Wahington Post’s Howard Kurtz says that “even liberal columnists are not defending Rather and CBS.”

The hardest hit against the Kerry campaign is that it has been cited for using this information about the service of Bush in its campaign literature. It would be understandable to use this, except that the literature was issued out on April 27. This was at least four months before the 60 Minutes 2 broadcast.

Although the similarities may be coincidental, the literature is said to “mirror” the memos used in the broadcast.

Although, Kerry and Edwards are trying to stay focued on the task at hand, things are heating up, not only in the debates, but also concerning the integrity of the Democratic campaign.