Christian student argues on behalf of controversial art show

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Every week I look forward to picking up a copy of The Houstonian and reading about what’s hot and what’s not. I get a kick out of reading people’s opinions on different topics. After reading a letter in Viewpoints on Tuesday, I just had to respond. This is in response to Alison Ward, aka ‘An Offended and Irate Student’.

First of all, there is a place here on campus called the Writing Center…maybe you should check it out! It’s hard for people to take you seriously when you can’t write or spell correctly. At least proof read before you turn something in, especially something to be read by the public. I know, I’m sounding like the ‘grammar police’, but that is something I think is important, and it reflects on you. And no, I do not work for the paper!

Secondly, I am a Christian also, and I find the paintings in question to be beautiful representations of humanity. What I saw was human nature, not ‘graphically offensive nudity’. I can’t imagine those paintings, that you called ‘filth,’ could make anyone “lose their breakfast’. I’m curious to know what you think about other, more famous, works of art, which display nudity. I agree that there is a line to be drawn between what is considered art and what is flat out pornography. Of course, most people will have a different idea of where that line should be drawn! This, by no means, was porn! Yeah, maybe they could have put it on the inside of the paper; especially since some people took the effort to cover it up in the art gallery. But, that’s just that old freedom of speech thing again…

On to my third point…Are we not all adults here?? This IS a university, and we should be adult enough to handle this kind of exposure! Naked women are shown all the time on television and in movies, on posters, in books, and in art. So why is it so different for a male to be seen nude? That’s what all the fuss is about, isn’t it? I really doubt that there would have been any complaints if the paintings were just of naked women. It’s a rare occasion when we get to see more than just the chest, or the butt, of a male in movies. Is it only art if it was painted or sculpted centuries ago? This could be argued all day long.

I know you’ve heard the phrase about opinions…everybody has one! That’s what we need to remember here. Before throwing up your breakfast, try to just stop and appreciate the work and talent that’s being displayed. Step outside the box, and allow yourself to grow a little. If you don’t like it, fine. But just remember that some people will like it, and that’s o.k.


Sandra Langland

Tired of the Whining!

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