A lonely camel on the run stops traffic in wintry Sweden

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ A camel on the run left pedestrians with a cold ride home on Sunday.

The camel stopped traffic on a southern Sweden road in the middle of a snowstorm, police said Sunday.

Despite a few phone calls, it took some convincing by drivers before police finally decided to arrive at the scene.

“We were somewhat doubtful at first,” said police spokesman Sten-Ove Fransson in Skoevde, 260 kilometers (162 miles) south of Stockholm, of Friday’s incident.

“But then more people called, so we were finally convinced that there really was a camel gone astray on the road.”

Before police arrived, friends of the camel’s owner arrived and took the animal back to a stable, where it has been kept while awaiting a home in a new barn.

Owner Anneli Arvidsson said in a telephone interview that the 22-year-old camel might have wandered away because of the absence of his usual companion, a horse.

“On Friday, the horse had been taken inside the stable and the camel was left alone in the pasture, which probably made him feel lonely,” she said.

Arvidsson purchased the Siberian camel named Emat from a zoo when it was only at the tender age of one.