Yellow wristbands raising awareness, money for cancer

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They have been spotted everywhere these days and have been seen on the wrists of athletes, movie and television stars, as well as people around town and on campus. The yellow wristband has become commonplace throughout the country. What are these bands and why are so many people wearing them? The yellow bands are an attempt to raise awareness and money to help fight a common enemy.

In an attempt to raise five million dollars for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the organization has been selling the wristbands for a $1 apiece. The wristbands, rubber bands with the words LiveSTRONG embedded on them, are yellow to signify the winning spirit of the six-time Tour deFrance winner, founder and namesake of the organization. The words LiveSTRONG are the organization’s motto.

Today in America, there are over 10 million people living with cancer and the Lance Armstrong Foundation hopes to help them. Using a four-pronged approach of advocacy, education, public health and research, the foundation provides support for those living with the disease. The foundation strives to get the message that “knowledge is power and attitude is everything” to those who have been diagnosed with the disease.

The organization’s founder, Lance Armstrong, does not need much of an introduction. The Tour deFrance champion founded the organization when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which spread to his abdomen, lungs and his brain. “Before I had cancer I just lived,” said Armstrong, “now I live strong.” With the attitude he exudes from the organization he founded, he fought the disease and has since gone on to win one of the most grueling bicycle races in the world today six times in a row. The accomplishment he made has given him hope that others diagnosed with cancer will not see the disease as a death sentence, but an opportunity to rise above it by using the same attitude and confidence he used to beat the disease.

The wristbands are hard to find. According to a clerk at a retail store in Conroe last week, they received 5,000 of the bands two weeks ago and within three days, they were completely sold out. For more information about the organization or to purchase a band, go to