Haunted’ house for sale on eBay

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – Some strange events have been happening at Colleen Meyers’ home ever since she decided to sell the two-story Victorian style house on an Internet site.

“It’s as if the ghosts know that I am going to leave them,” she writes on her eBay sale site. “My tenant has reported more sightings, items that have been moved around, and says he keeps hearing someone walking around during the night.”

Over the years, Meyers has seen a fan fly across the room and one time saw what she thought was her son in a flannel shirt playing peek-a-boo. But when she went around the corner, her son was sleeping on the couch, she said.

If someone in the house talks about the ghosts, they show up more often, she said.

Tenants upstairs have also seen people standing around their bed at night, and, in one case, pinning them down to the mattress, she said.

The 1892 house is located near a historic Yankton neighborhood in an area was once an old fort, said Meyers, who hopes to get $225,000 for the home. In the month she has posted the sale, she has received three inquiries.

But she said she has temporarily taken it off eBay until after Halloween so potential buyers don’t think it’s a joke.

She thinks the three-bedroom, three-bath home that offers 2,200 square feet of space could be turned into a bed and breakfast where “guests meet ghosts,” her advertisement states. If she had the money, that’s what she would do, Meyers said.

Psychic Donna O’Dea knows about the home and has told Meyers it’s haunted.

“They have all sorts of manifestations, all sorts of noises and rapping and tapping,” she said.

According to O’Dea, one ghost is a man who once lived in the house but didn’t get along with his wife. He has told O’Dea he won’t leave because he knows his wife won’t come there.

“Some places really do seem to be haunts for ghosts. They gather together just the way the living gather together, like at a coffee shop,” she said. “There are houses where old ghosts meet. They can see each other. They can talk to each other.”

Despite the strange goings on, Meyers says she is fairly comfortable in her house.

“A lot of things happen and I just say, ‘That just happens,’ and my friends say, ‘Yeah, if you live in a haunted house,’ “ Meyers said.