Thanksgiving to bring Bearkats back home

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A special holiday comes every November and gives family and friends a chance to spend time together. Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in America and always brings childhood memories to mind.

According to the History Channel website, in an article titled, “The History of Thanksgiving”, the first Thanksgiving took place in 1621 when the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a harvest feast. Though most Americans think of turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie, historians are not sure exactly what was on the table that day except for venison and wild fowl.

Another difference between the past and present are the table manners of the 17th century. They vary some from modern day table etiquette. The History Channel website says, “the pilgrims didn’t use forks; they used spoons, knives and their fingers.” Furthermore, an individual’s status would determine what each person would get to eat. The best food was placed by the most prominent people. Also, during this time people would eat what was next to them not try everything on the table as is custom today.

The article also mentioned “the biggest meal of the day for the colonists was at noon and was called noonmeat or dinner.”

The feast took place sometime between the end of September and the beginning of October and lasted three days.

According to the Fourth World Documentation Project, provided “Thanksgiving Information” said the colonists and Indians did not celebrate Thanksgiving every year after the first year. In fact not many years after the first Thanksgiving the same colonists and Indians were at war against each other during King Philip’s war.

The modern day notion of Thanksgiving was created during the late 1800s when America was trying desperately to find a unified identity. The idea of the “melting pot” developed during this time. In 1898 the federal government declared the last Thursday of November as the legal holiday of Thanksgiving.

Many American still celebrate this holiday today and take advantage of the time to relax, overindulge in grandma’s gourmet cooking and watch the many football games on TV.

Senior Jennifer Cates said she is headed to Dallas with her boyfriend this Thanksgiving. “We are going to participate in the turkey trot for the firs time this year.”

“I am going home with my fiance and spending time with her family. It is my first time to spend Thanksgiving with her family in San Antonio,” said Paul Castillo, Senior.

Junior Meghan Richardson said, “I am leaving Huntsville- I am going home so someone else can cook for me.” Richardson futher said home is in Jefferson, Texas and that her family’s Thanksgiving consists of “four of us, standard turkey, dressing out of a box and cranberry out of a can.”

“I am gonna go home, eat lots of food and shoot skeet,” said Junior, Brian Gremminger. Gremminger mentioned that home is in West, Texas and that his Thanksgiving consists of “going to my grandmother’s, huge buffet with 8 different kinds of pie.”

Freshman Chantionette Arnold said, “I am going home to Houston, Texas. I am gonna grub.” Arnold said this year her family is starting a new tradition, “we are doing a talent show.”