Time to Sign Up

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Now that fall has arrived, it’s time to start thinking about spring.

Advanced registration for the spring semester began at 10 p.m. last night for doctorate, grad, post baccalaureates students and students classified as seniors. Juniors will be able to start registering tonight at 10 p.m., with sophomores following on Wednesday night and freshman on Thursday night.

Advanced registration will continue through Nov. 27. Students may begin paying their tuition for the spring semester on Nov. 11, but payments must be paid no later than Dec. 4 by 4 p.m. for advanced registration.

Many students use the SHSU Web site to find out the needed information for registration. Students may find out what their official classification is based on how many hours they have completed and if they have any blocks, which would prevent them from registering.

Barbara Parker, the assistant registrar for SHSU, explained that advanced registration is set up for students who have all of their blocks taken care of. Blocks include past due balance, which incorporates tuition, parking tickets, library fines and any other payments owed to the school. Other blocks include suspension, TASP or other university entry tests must already be submitted in addition to transcripts and any departmental blocks.

“Usually past due balances will not affect students trying to register, but in advanced registration all blocks must be cleared,” Parker said.

Students may register online or through the phone system. Parker said she thinks many students use the online registration “because it is easier, more hands-on and you can see what you are doing.”

The schedule of classes is posted online, however the print copies of the schedule of classes will be available soon.

“They were actually due a week ago, but there was a printing problem,” said Parker. “We are expecting them any day. We are depending on the online schedule of classes.”

Many students take advantage of advanced registration.

Parker said the advantages of registering early include better selection of classes, and students can get everything sooner, such as books, paying tuition and completing your schedule.

“We register at least half (of the students) that are registering during advanced registration,” Parker said.

Another stipulation that some students face before registering is advisement. All students whose current overall SHSU GPA is below a 2.5; and all students without a SHSU GPA, which includes freshman and transfer students and all students subject to the TASP requirements must get advised, according to the SHSU Web site. Advisement is currently available at the SAM Center.

It is important for students to note that fee statements will not be mailed, but can be printed online starting Nov. 11. Payments may be made through the phone system at 936-294-1083 or via the Internet, using a Visa or MasterCard. Students may also pay in the Cashier’s Office.

Regular registration begins on Dec. 17 and is available 24 hours a day via the web or by telephone until Jan. 13, at 4 p.m. The spring semester begins on Jan. 14.

Tina Baiter, a junior, said she registered online for the fall semester.

“It was easy,” Baiter said.

“It’s harder to get classes that I need and want,” said Kevin Thibodeau, a senior. “It sets you back on graduation when you can’t get the classes you need.”