Program council to host Diversity Forum

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A Diversity Forum to serve as an outreach program to minority students at SHSU will be held at 8 p.m. tonight in the LSC Theater.”The purpose of the forum is to talk about issues on campus that are not addressed because they’re a touchy subject,” said Laura Springel, programming chairperson for the SHSU Program Council.Springel said the event would be similar to a town hall meeting, where the participants would discuss issues concerning minority stereotypes. The topics for discussion include, but are not limited to, discrimination, homophobia, religion in the gay community, non-Christian religions and the experience of getting an education while carrying a label. “I think this event is important because those are issues that are prevalent in our society. They should be discussed because we go to school and deal with it every day,” said freshman Cearah Reagans.Springel said volunteers with knowledge in these areas from the Houston and Huntsville communities plan to attend. One of the guest speakers scheduled will represent the Houston Area Teen Coalition of Homosexuals program. Carol Petrucci, executive director of H.A.T.C.H., will be available to talk to the students.”I don’t plan on saying much other than being there to provide information about H.A.T.C.H. and answer any questions,” said Petrucci.Carolyn Mobley, leader of the Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church in Houston, will also address the student’s questions and concerns. Mobley has formed a youth group for young black women.”We are expecting a larger crowd than usual,” said Springel. Springel said the opportunity to speak freely would appeal to students.For more information on the Diversity Forum, contact the SHSU Program Council at 294-1763.