College of Business hosts career fair

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For students who see the sun setting on their college career with no employment opportunities on the horizon (graduating soon and don’t have a job), the upcoming College of Business Administration’s Career Fair is something you should probably attend.The Business Career Fair will take place Feb. 12, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Johnson Coliseum, and students of all majors are encouraged to attend. Over 50 companies from various industries will have recruiters at the career fair, and on-site job interviews will be offered as well. Internship information and opportunities will also be available from most companies.”Over one-third of the companies are looking for students of any major,” saidMargaret Quarles, senior assistant to the Dean of the College of Business Administration and coordinator of the career fair. “We have a good representation from both the public and private sector.”Government agencies that will be at the career fair include the IRS, FBI, U.S Navy and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Well-known corporations like Reliant Energy, Dow Chemical, Wells Fargo Bank, Target, Cingular Wireless and Walgreens will also be represented at the fair, along with other national and regional corporations.Students can obtain a complete list of companies at the career fair by accessing the COBA Web site at Quarles said the Web site also contains links to most of the companies Web sites, which gives students the chance to research companies prior to the career fair and any potential interviews.”The goal of the career fair is to offer students real opportunities in business and to build up their confidence in the job search and interviewing process,” she said. “I encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities.”Dressing up is often the most painful part of a career fair, and while professional dress is encouraged, it is not required, Quarles said.”Students should have a neat and clean look,” she said. “If they don’t own a suit, that shouldn’t keep them from coming.”A sign-in table will be located at the student entrance to Johnson Coliseum, and those attending the fair will need to visit the table to get a name badge and a student information sheet, which lists the companies and what kind of majors they are looking for. Some of the majors listed (outside of the COBA) include criminal justice, communications, agriculture and foods.Students of all classifications–yes, even freshmen–should also think about attending the job fair, according to Quarles, because it provides experience and exposure to the “real world”.”It’s never to early to start sowing the seeds for a professional job,” Quarles said. “This is an excellent opportunity to make connections and begin networking with those in the corporate world.”Freshman should use the career fair as an opportunity to increase confidence when speaking with representatives, according to a tip sheet provided by Quarles. Sophomores should try to sharpen communication skills and begin exploring options for summer positions and internships. Juniors attending the fair should begin to focus on career possibilities, while senior job fair attendees should research companies ahead of time, prepare a list of top five reasons why you are a great candidate for their company and inquire about training programs and development tracks in your field of interest. All students should bring along a resume and collect business cards.Senior Amy Davis, a business administration major said she is attending the career fair for the most obvious reason.”I want to find a job,” she said. “I’m anticipating meeting companies and interviewing.” Davis said she plans to follow some of the tips by researching companies ahead of time and coming prepared.Quarles is expecting over 1,000 students to attend the COBA career fair, which she said has continued to expand and grow. One reason for this expansion according to Quarles is the reputation of SHSU students in the corporate world.”The companies really like SHSU students. They find them to be sincere, motivated and hard working,” Quarles said. “The companies continue to come back because of the skills and success of our alumni.”Quarles said recruiters also hold the SHSU faculty in very high regard, mainly because they receive the individual, personal attention that is a trademark of SHSU.”Our faculty takes the time to visit with the recruiters and answer questions about things like curriculum, class work and how they teach certain things,” she said. “Recruiters really enjoy that and it stands out in their mind.” The College of Business Administration sponsors a Business Career Fair in both the spring and fall semesters. The first Business Career Fair was held in October 1999.