Huntsville highway and interstate construction to be completed by August

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Residents and visitors to Huntsville may have noticed a variety of different construction projects occurring on Interstate 45. However, with the construction happening on the overpass of Highway 30, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Scott Murray, Huntsville city planner, said the bridge completion is expected in about 10 months. “This is the city’s most troublesome intersection and it handles a very high volume of cars,” said Murray.When the new bridge is complete, it will have a total of four lanes and a center turn lane. It will also have two smaller bridges on either side designed for u-turn use only, helping to cut down on the traffic of the main lanes. The bridge will also have sidewalks for pedestrian use. Other student-oriented construction occurring in Huntsville includes Bearkat Village, apartments being built across from Bowers Stadium and next to the Arbors. The complex, which will be owned and operated by the university, will include 220 units. Construction is scheduled to begin in the next three to six months. The projected completion date of the complex is tentatively set for the spring semester of next year.Some other Huntsville developments that will be happening shortly will be south of Wal-Mart, past the Smither overpass and near the new golf course. Murray said this land would be developed for preliminary residential and retail use. Some of the businesses rumored to be in the works are Best Buy and Target. “It’s not up to us what businesses come into town,” said Murray. “It’s the decision of the corporation. We just try to make space and utility.”More apartments under construction include 10 to 12 units on Highway 75 South by McCoy’s Building Supply Center, as well as 40 to 50 more units being built on Montgomery Road. There are also plans for affordable housing in the $80-$100,000 range to be built on FM 1791 West toward College Station, which will include 250 new homes