Sex is not a crime

16 years ago Comments Off on Sex is not a crime

I read a letter in yesterday’s Beaumont Enterprise comparing sex education in school to classes on robbing banks. I’m not sure what this man was responding to or why he was comparing sex to crime, but he was obviously against schools educating people about sex.Driving home from Woodville last night I was listening to a Christian radio program playing excerpts from a conference on family values. This man infuriated me in several ways, one being he too was against sex education in the classroom. He was somehow using the Bible to back up his opinion and he was adamant about it. Sex education should be taught at home.OK, this opinion is great in a fantasy world. Parents should tell their children about sex. Just as good parents should teach their children about history, literature, science, nature and health. The problem is they don’t. Many kids learn how to read and write from teachers. They learn how to brush their teeth properly and how to eat a balanced diet from teachers. Children go to school to learn about things their parents do not teach them. Unfortunately, sex is one of these things.For some reason people believe sex is not something to talk about. It is dirty, immoral and kept secret. The problem is, though no one talks about it, lots of people do it. Whether it is discussed or not, people have sex. And that is not a bad thing. When two people love each other and are in a committed relationship (i.e. marriage), sex can be wonderful. Children need to know this. When people have casual sex (i.e. one night stands or multiple partners) sex can be dangerous. Children need to know this as well. I believe abstinence should be stressed. I also believe children should be taught about condoms, birth control and sexually transmitted diseases. Children are raised knowing very little about sex. Then, when the time comes to make a decision regarding sex, they have very little accurate information. Educating children about sex will not make them rush out and “get some.” It will however help them to make educated, safe and mature decisions when the time comes.Allowing children to get pregnant or get someone pregnant, allowing the spread STD’s and allowing children to remain uneducated is a crime. Sex education is not.