President proposes increased fees

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The Student Government Association could decide to increase student fees at tonight’s meeting. President James Gaertner, along with Vice President Thelma Douglass, will present a proposal to SGA members asking them to approve about 11 new or increased student fees. Ben Bostick, the education and applied sciences Caucus chair, said SGA might very well approve these fees.”Unless there is a large voice from the students at tonight’s meeting, I believe the senate will pass the president’s and vice-president’s proposal,” he said.Dean Frank Parker will also propose to increase student service fees. Students currently pay so much per credit hour with a maximum of $150 per semester. SGA can increase this cap up to $165 per semester without a vote of the student body.”Right now I am for the proposed Student Service Fee increases,” Bostick said, “but against other fee increases. We need more input from the students.”SGA will also vote on allowing students to vote on an increased International Student Service Fee. The fee would be increased from $1 to $4. Bostick said he believes some increased fees may be needed.”We haven’t raised fees in three years,” he said. “The price of education goes up 7 percent every year. It is either raise fees or cut programs.”While Gaertner, Douglass and Parker are on the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting, some SGA members question whether enough people will show up to even make quorummeaning enough people to take a vote.”There have been problems in past weeks,” said Bostick.He said problems include apathy among students, ignorance of students about university problems and ignorance of SGA members about how to solve these problems.”Many senators are ignorant of SGA rules,” Bostick said. “We’ve been bending and breaking rules for so long this year, it is hard to stop now.”People say ‘well, we broke the rules yesterday, let’s stop tomorrow.’ The problem is who decides what rules can be bent or broken.”Bostick said solving these problems could be difficult.”I don’t know how to solve apathy,” he said. “Ignorance can be solved with education but people have to care enough to want to learn. How do you educate an apathetic population?”Bostick said students would care more if they knew how much power SGA actually has.”We will decide how much students will pay in fees,” Bostick said. “That is important.”The SGA meeting is tonight at 6 p.m. in the Evans Building Room 110. “I would encourage students to attend,” Bostick said. “This is their voice to the administration.”