A conflict of interests

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Though the standoff between China and the United States is thousands of miles away, people everywhere are effected. Chinese students at Sam have their own unique perspective.”I feel regret for both sides,” said Chinese student Hongwei Zhang. “I hope the situation clears up soon because the relationship between China and the United States is very important.”The conflict began when a Navy EP-3 spy plane collided with a Chinese jet off the coast of China. The Chinese pilot, Wang Wei, ejected from his plane after the collision, has not been found. The Chinese have held the U. S. crewmembers since their emergency landing on Hainan Island, calling for an apology from the United States.”I do not believe that the United States needs to apologize,” Zhang said. “Both sides share responsibility.” Zhang has been in the United States almost a year and said the conflict in China has not affected the way he is treated.”Americans have the same opinion of me,” he said. “There has not been a change.”A former ambassador to China said it would be a disaster for the United States to apologize for flights it has been making for 50 years. “If you apologize, you’re accepting responsibility, which gives the Chinese legal leverage to try to make us back off from the flights,” said former U.S. Ambassador Winston Lord. “It gives them leverage, financially, making us pay for any damages. It makes a weak signal from the new administration to the Chinese leadership which will come back to haunt us.” According to the website at www.cnn.com, U. S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has used the word “sorry” in his descriptions of U.S. sentiments over the missing pilot. However, he continues to deny that the U. S. is to blame for the incident.President George Bush has sent a letter to Ruan Guoqin, the wife of the Chinese pilot, in response to her accusations that the United States was behaving “cowardly” by not apologizing for the incident. However, according to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, the letter was nothing more than a “humanitarian gesture.””We understand that this is a time of grief for this woman,” Rice said. “We’ve made it very clear that this was an accident, and that we did nothing wrong.” U. S. diplomats were able to visit the 24-member crew and described their accommodations as “a hotel environment.””They are well taken care of,” Brig said. Gen. Neal Sealock, the U. S. Embassy’s military attache.Whether in China or the United States, everyone agrees that the standoff is having an effect on international relations.”Every day that goes by increases the potential that our relations with China could be damaged,” Bush said.”America and China are two of the major countries in the world,” Zhang said. “Each side needs to come to an understanding so the relationship will be better.”