Controversial preacher arrested on campus Monday

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What begin as a preacher delivering a message to students on campus ended in two arrests for criminal trespassing. On Monday night, a preacher named Charles Spingola and his associate Phillip Missick were arrested by the University Police Department for not abiding with the “free-speech” zone guidelines at Sam Houston State.According to the police report, the group was in violation of the university’s policies in regards to “speech” and “assembly.” The group did not have a permit authorizing them to be on campus property; however, a representative of the office of Student Life invited them to continue their speech in the free-speech zone. The group was asked to move to the free-speech zone between the fountain and mall area, which they refused. The group members were then asked to leave, but two of the group members refused. They were arrested and transported to the Walker County Jail. Spingola and Missick were booked for two counts of “Criminal Trespass,” and one count of “Resisting Arrest.”According to Dean Frank Parker of Student Life, UPD was notified because the area the group was standing around created a disruption problem. Parker said he was not aware if the group received any invitations to be invited on campus. Even though, the university doesn’t require a permit for campus speeches, the university does have a policy requiring people to use the free-speech zone. Individuals are allowed to come onto campus because this is a public entity where people can make expressions, however, they must be within the free-speech area, said Parker. According to Student Life’s policies, any type of parades, demonstrations or rallies that are not a part of the university must be held in the free-speech zone. Spingola and Missick did not comply with UPD to move to the free-speech zone, so they were arrested. According to other reports, Spingola is known for delivering speeches saying, “All sinners will go to hell.” He appeared on campus last fall and resides in Ohio. He travels across states delivering similar speeches to other universities, and operates through an organization called “Unashamed and Associates.” Its website is Other sources indicate Spingola has a history of 37 arrests.When he visited the campus last fall, many students claim that he wasn’t preaching the word of God. Instead he was making derogatory comments on homosexuality and discussing issues on abortion.