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Its fairly obvious to anyone who walks around campus that there are a lot of women at Sam Houston State University these days. According to the Registrars Office records from the fall 2000 semester, “a lot” is 6,712 women, as compared to 4,758 men. That means almost 60 percent of the student body is female. The Registrars records also show that females have consistently outnumbered males over the past ten years. The trend towards increased female enrollment in universities isnt found just at Sam, but nationwide. The Chronicle for Higher Education notes the number of bachelor degrees awarded to men dropped from 57 percent in 1970 to 43.7 percent in 2000, as more women attend college.For your average college-going male, this isnt necessarily a bad thing. Not many males are going to complain about being surrounded by women. This reporter has discussed the surplus of women on campus with numerous male students, and the general response is, “Theres tons of girls here,” followed by the speakers head swiveling to watch one of said girls walk by.Not only men are pleased with the majority presence of women at Sam. Senior English major Thera Ulmer said, “I think its great. They really shouldnt let men into this college anyway. Theyre the reason the professors have to keep dumbing down the curriculum.”When you think about it, she might not be wrong. It wouldnt be surprising if men are doing poorly–theyre too busy watching the 6,712 women that go to Sam.