Whoa dude… the 80’s are back

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Ever miss the sounds of The Go Gos, classic movies like “The Breakfast Club” or wearing your sunglasses at night? Well, never fear the ’80s are here! With the new Fox-TV program “That ’80s Show,” and Houston’s new radio station, 106.9 The Point, best of the ’80s and more, it seems the ’80s are back like a recession. “Everyone has a little need to hold on to the past, to sort of stop time for a moment and remember when they did not have to be such responsible adults,” said Heather Walters, mid-day hostess and PSA director of 106.9 The Point. Although The Point has a solid 18-34 year-old following, the average listener is in their mid-20s to mid-30s. “Most listeners are starting families, holding jobs, or are recent graduates of college. The music is sort of like a yearbook on the airways, said Walters. Everyone seems to think the ’80s were their decade, whether they were in grade school or high school back then,” she said. 106.9 primarily plays rock, alternative and new wave music.”The ’80s were definitely the only decade that could get away with the lyrics it did,” said Walters. “Remember Corey Hart singing ‘Don’t Switch a Blade on a Guy in Shades?’ Why is that? “Are the shades going to stop that blade? Is he just too cool to be stabbed? I think about that every time we play that song,” she said. Deloreis Douglas, a math major at North Harris Community College, said she is a big fan of ’80s music. “That’s when music was music, you understood what they (artists) were saying,” she said. Douglas listens to The Point while working in Houston.Music isn’t the only entertainment medium diving into the pool of ’80s popularity. The Fox network is now airing their new program “That 80s Show,” which chronicles the lives of six 20-somethings. The show addresses 80s issues and events like Ronald Reagan’s presidency, the death of John Lennon and surviving a world of excess.106.9 The Point held a premiere party for the show where the general response was positive. “It just slapsticked itself through the decade, throwing one memory to its audience after another,” said Walters. “It’s fun now to laugh at how silly we once looked, and we did look silly.”Moviemakers are also dipping their toes in the ’80s pool. On March 22, Steven Spielberg’s 1983 hit “E.T.-The Extra Terrestrial” celebrates its 20th anniversary. The movie will be re-released in its entirety with two added scenes.”Movies were a lot more innocent in the ’80s,” said Douglas. “Now they show it all.” Although the movie was shot in the ’80s, the anniversary showing will have a small millennium flavor. According to E.T.’s official Web site, dialogue in the original movie included the word terrorist, which will now be changed to hippie.So why are the ’80s so popular? The ’80s was a fun, redefined decade. There was nothing like it before, and nothing has been the same since. It was just a flamboyant time of life. “The colors were bright, the hair was wild, and the music was redefined,” Walters said.