Video games are designed to be a simple form of entertainment

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I’m writing in response to your “Guys, Girls and Video Games” article. I have a question; why did you even bother writing it? Of course nine out of 10 sorority princesses interviewed on this campus aren’t going to enjoy, understand or appreciate the entertainment value of a video game. The only girls commenting in your article were disinterested in video games. Any journalist worth his salt should know to gather information from both sides of an opposing subject. I am an avid lover of video games. I currently own a Playstation 2, Gameboy Advanced and a Nintendo 64 and am looking into purchasing either a Nintendo Gamecube or an X Box. Furthermore, the thought that video games depict women in a demeaning way is crap. Sure their appearance may be impossible to imitate in life, but they are meant to be eye candy, nothing deeper. They aren’t “strong role models” for girls, just hot chicks in spandex, and personally, I’m not complaining about their appearance. And no, I’m not a dog-faced, man-hating lesbian, I’m a moderately attractive (not beautiful), heterosexual girl with a long- term boyfriend.Video games have come a long way since the days of the Super Mario Brothers, and I get so excited and impressed with the continually increasing quality of them. I’ve been a fan since the Atari system, which my parents owned even before I was born and the games coming out today are more challenging, more beautiful and in my opinion, more fun overall. Although I enjoy my share of RPG’s and strategy based games, my personal favorites involve fighting. Granted, they have gotten a lot more violent in the past few years, but no more so than television or films have. I agree with Williams in that they let out aggression in a constructive way. I would much rather have my child kill a few fictitious spies in 007 to blow off steam, understanding that the games are not real, than hit his siblings out of anger and cause them actual injuries.My point is, video games are supposed to be, and very much are, simply a form of entertainment; appealing to all ages and genders, though consumption of electronic products in general is widely male dominated. But then again, the same could be said of sports, executive positions in large companies, and nearly any field of work today and yesterday; as recent as five years ago or as far back as 50. Male domination has been a battle for women for hundreds of years. You should know better, considering the ratio of men to women on the staff of The Houstonian itself is greatly estrogen favored. How did your article manage to make the front page, let alone get published? Is the paper really that hard up for material? Next time you decide to write about a subject you obviously know very little about, try doing a bit more social research. And by the way, I’m pretty sure I could beat you at Super Smash Brothers without even trying.