The story of two searches

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While Sam Houston State has appointed a committee to find a new president, Stephen F. Austin State University, which is comparable in size and student population, has hired an executive search firm. The firm, A. T. Kearney, will assist the SFA Board of Regents in their search for a president. SFA has had a vacancy for a while, said Frank Krystyniak, media contact for SHSU. Their first methods (of finding a president) didnt work. That is probably why they have hired a search firm. The (SHSU) Board of Regents believes (a committee) is the best way to find a president.SFA has been without a president for over a year and announced the hiring of the search firm in January. The firm hired by SFA recruits professionals for specific jobs and is expected to cost about $66,648.We did not hire a firm for several reasons, said Lamar Urbanobsky, Chancellor of the Texas State University System that is the governing board for Sam Houston. A firm has a certain pool of applicants who fit the bill. A committee opens the search wide open, creating a bigger pool of applicants.While Urbanobsky said he admits this creates more work for the committee, he said he believes having a variety of candidates will help find a president right for the job.This is the ninth presidential search weve had, he said, and weve been successful in the past.Sam Houstons committee, composed of representatives from the Board of Regents, the university faculty and staff, the student body, the alumni and the community, is gathering candidates.You cant assume because there have been no announcements (about potential candidates) that there is something wrong with our search process, said Krystyniak. In order to protect their careers, applicants do not always say they are interested.There are currently 69 candidates who have applied or been nominated, Urbanobsky said. That number will continue to grow and the committee will start narrowing down in March.Although the committee is not required to announce applicants, they must make known the finalists.Our goal is to have a president by this summer, said Urbanobsky, so Dr. Marks can retire in August.According to Urbanobsky a presidential search takes six to nine months, though he said the time could vary. There is a chance that Sam will not have a president by the end of August although Krystyniak said there are no signs that the search will not be successful.If the committee is not completely satisfied with all of the applicants, they may hire a temporary president or ask Dr. Marks to stay longer, Krystyniak said. This is a great university and opportunity. There is no reason our search process wouldnt work.