Super Bowl Snacks

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Super Bowl time means football, commercials, a lame half time show and of course lots and lots of parties parties. A survey by Hallmark Cards lists Super Bowl Sunday as the No. 1 home party event of the year. Research by the NFL finds that half of the people who watch the Super Bowl have two to five friends with them, while 26 percent host or attend parties with six or more guests.Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day of food consumption in the United States (behind Thanksgiving), so if you’re hosting a party this year, the kind of food and drinks you have is vital to the whether your party is a success or a flop. What you have to eat and drink at your party will depend a lot on your expected guest list (chances are the keg will stay locked up if grandpa and grandma are making an appearance), and the appetites your guests carry with them. While some people go the gourmet route for their Super Bowl gathering, there are some standard party snacks that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, hearing ability or budget.Frozen pizza is almost always a sure bet to satisfy hungry football fans. According to the National Frozen Pizza Institute, January is traditionally the highest sales month for frozen pizza, mainly because of Super Bowl parties. Pizza can be economical as well, with prices ranging from 99 cents (the kind you serve if you don’t want people to ever come back) to $3 apiece for traditional style Tombstone and Red Baron. Snacks are a must for any legitimate Super Bowl party, and thanks to the good people at Frito Lay there are a ton of them to choose from. Whether you like 3D, Xtreme, Scoops, Wavy or–heaven forbid–plain chips, you can find what you need and offer plenty of chip diversity to your guests (we don’t want to offend anyone!!) Pretzels are also a good snack item, and I have been told that they, along with pizza, go very well with a certain malted beverage. Speaking of malted beverages, drinks may be the most important element of your party. Whether your party is dry as a desert (no malted beverages), or a sloppy, all out free-for-all, you must have lots of beverages on hand to satisfy your guests. Drinks are often the most expensive part of the party as well, so if you’re a little tight on cash, go with a B.Y.O.B party and make your friends contribute to the cause. The only drawback to the B.Y.O.B approach is that you’ll probably end up drinking Sam’s Choice products or–heaven forbid–Milwaukee’s Best Light.Now let’s get down to the most important thinghow much throwing a decent sized Super Bowl party will cost. I headed to Wal-Mart and found some good deals on chips (Lay’s $1.98 a bag, Tostitos two for $5), crackers (Stauffer’s two for $1, Ritz two for $4), and drinks (Pepsi two liters for 88 cents, Sam’s Choice two liters for 58 cents and 30 cans of “the beast” for $9.88).While I was there, I decided to use my last $20 to stock up for my party. With enough change left for a pack of gum, I came away with three medium-sized bags of chips (Doritos, Tostitos and pretzels), three boxes of crackers (one Ritz and two Stauffer’s), a 12 pack of A&W Root Beer, two-two liters of Pepsi, a gallon of orange flavored drink (with 0 percent juice), summer sausage, a jar of salsa and a container of French onion dip (that’s a lot of sugar and sodium for under 20 bucks.)So, in closing, whatever kind of party you have and whatever food and drinks you serve, enjoy watching the big game and hanging out with your guests. Speaking of guests, I guess I better start looking for people to come to my Super Bowl party.