Student in online content to make appearance on Baywatch

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Wouldn’t you like to see a fellow Sam Houston Bearkat on a episode of the hit TV series Baywatch?Well, you can.Log on to, choose the Baywatch icon, click on Houston and vote for Aaron Potter.Potter is only clicks away from making a guest appearance on Baywatch in Hawaii in June.Potter, a senior marketing student, said he watching USA one night and saw the Baywatch contest advertisement.He decided to email his picture and enter the contest.After entering, Potter did not think anymore about it.Two weeks later, he was called to be in Houston the next day for a photo shoot.”I had never done a photo shoot before,” Potter said. He said it was a swimsuit shoot and he was not prepared for it, considering he was informed one day in advance.”I didn’t know what to expect,” he said.Potter is now in the final stage of the contest with 80 votes as of Monday.When the contest first started, Potter thought he would win.”Judging by the votes (as of Monday), I don’t think I have a very good chance of winning,” he said.The contestant who is ahead of Potter has 250 votes.This could change if students show their Bearkat spirit and vote today and before the contest ends on Wednesday.Despite the difference in numbers, Potter has received a lot of support from his friends.”They can only vote once a day though,” he said.Potters asks that all students show school spirit and vote for a Bearkat to appear on Baywatch.”I’ll do my best to wear a Sam outfit or SHSU shirt or something,” he said.Potter also said that if he is selected and does a good job, it could lead to a permanent position.”That will be based on performance,” he said.Potter has never thought about acting. “Except things when you’re a kid,” he said. “But that doesn’t count.”He said he saw the opportunity to try something different, and he may be on the road to potential stardom.If Potter is given the chance at stardom, he said he would definitely finish his degree at Sam Houston.If he is chosen in the finals Wednesday, he will compete against three others on Dec. 2-4 for the final cut.The winner will then go to Hawaii in June for the taping of Baywatch.Support your fellow Bearkat and vote at