SHSU military science professor promoted to colonel

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Lt. Col. Mark H. Johnson, professor of military science at Sam Houston State University, who was promoted to colonel in the United States Army, said he is very excited about the promotion. “To make full colonel is a big honor and a big mark of success,” Johnson said. Although this is an individual honor for him, Johnson said he gives recognition to the great people who have helped him along the way throughout his military career. Johnson said he is not really sure where the promotion is going lead him, but it does tell him that the army wants him to stick around a little longer and they have future plans for him. “Currently there is a brigade command board that is meeting and if I am selected for the command board, then I can go commander brigade even here in the United States, Korean, Germany or Japan,” Johnson said. If he doesn’t go commander brigade, then he will go into the Senior Service College, and after that he will possibly take an assignment in the Washington, DC area, he said. Johnson said one of the most honorable aspects of this promotion is he is going to have the opportunity to move up further, that normally a professor of military science does not have the chance to do. “Usually the norm is that a professor of military science will retire from this job and I’m not going to retire from this job. I’m going to go back into the army and do something, so that makes it nice for me because these cadets that I have now I will be able to continued to be an individual they can reach out to and hopefully help the cadets once they go on to active duty as lieutenants,” he said. By serving as a colonel will give Johnson the opportunity to continue to assist the cadets as they move to higher rankings. Johnson said he is looking forward to just continuing to what he has done, which is taking care of the people he is associated with and those that work for him and making the work place better than what it was when he leaves. This may be in terms of how it is operated or just the physical aspect of it.”He believes that in life where ever you are or whatever your profession is you should continue to build it up, and make it better in some shape, form, or fashion, by doing this you are able to leave a legacy that you can come back and reflect upon,” Johnson said.