Sam Houston Anglers Association fishes around campus

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Each semester brings new student organizations to the SHSU campus. Sam Houston Anglers Association is one such organization. Its goal is to educate students about issues pertaining to the fishing world, while enjoying recreational fishing. A membership meeting will be held March 5 in Room 260 of the Evans Complex at 4 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to determine what students want from this new student organization. All interested students are invited to attend. Some of the events SHAA has planned for the semester include group fishing trips, raffles, and auctions. SHAA does not pick favorites between salt and fresh water fishing; therefore, members learn about both types of fishing, including techniques as well as environmental concerns.An example of an environmental concern is the recent Bayport Expansion in Harris County. This expansion will bring sufficiently more ship traffic directly through Galveston Bay and as a result further deteriorate the fishing quality in the Galveston Bay complex. SHAA involves recreational opportunities, although it still falls subject to the rules of any other student organization. Membership into the Anglers Association includes payment of membership dues and being in good academic standing with the university, which means having at least a 2.0 GPA. SHAA is young, growing and continually seeking members and sponsors. If membership goes well at SHSU, steps will be taken to expand the organization, possibly to a Coastal Conservation Association chapter similar to those in place at Texas A&M and Baylor.