RTV professor writes cover story

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An article chronicling the downfall of a ski mogul Les Ottin’s ski empire, written by Assistant RTV Professor Paul McArthur, was featured as the cover story for the February issue of Vermont magazine.The article, “Les is No More: The Rise and Fall of Les Ottin’s Ski Empire,” chronicles the meteoric rise of Les Ottin’s resort properties starting with Sunday River in Maine. It tells the tale of how over-spending and insider benefits led to the outsider shareholder being left with nothing. American Ski Enterprises, Ottin’s company, lost money every year since it was formed. Today, ASC is no longer managed by Ottin and pays dividends to Oak Hill Capitol Partners, owned by Texas billionaire Ted Bass, before the average stockholder sees a cent. ASC’s current chief executive officer, B.J. Fair, is optimistic about the company’s future and has said he believes ASC still has a lot of potential. Of course, potential is about all ASC has, since the company fell from the top. Companies such as Vail and InterWest now dominate the market. The article is not a rampant condemnation of Ottin, however. The article praises his amazing influence upon the world of skiing and mentions that Ottin was cited as one of the100 Most Influential People of the Century by Ski Magazine. It also lists the improvements Ottin made at Sunday River as amazing. Today, Ottin still owns parts of the many ASC properties through his company, Ottin Properties, and is a partner in the ownership of the Boston Red Sox. MacArthur is an avid snowboarder who lived in East Burke, Vt., while he taught at Lyndon State College, from 1994 until coming to SHSU in 1997. Originally from Syracuse, NY, he has been teaching since 1992. “It was either that or go crazy,” MacArthur said, about how he became interested in the sport. “There wasn’t much to do. It was a small town in Vermont. By the end of my three years there, I was crazy about the sport.” MacArthur,who has been profiled in a doctoral dissertation on pro-wrestling, is the publisher and writer for “Wrestling Perspective,” a pro-wrestling newsletter in print since 1990. MacArthur has published over 350 various magazine and other submissions since he came to SHSU. He has been published in Down Beat, The Jazz Report, Event Magazine, Cadence, LEAK CD Music Magazine, Lounge, Jazziz, Experience Hendrix, houston.sidewalk.com and Country Beat. He also wrote for the Houston Press for three and half years, and is the co-author of “The Speech: A Guide to Effective Speaking,” published in 1993. He has contributed several entries to “MusicHound, Jazz: The Essential Album Guide,” published in 1998. MacArthur has made presentations at national conferences on the cable television and radio industries, being called an articulate wrestling analyst by industry insiders. MacArthur has been quoted in the Hartford Courant, the Providence Journal and the trade magazine Amusement Business. He has appeared on MSNBC’s Real Time and also consulted on ESPN’s Outside the Lines special on pro-wrestling. When not devoting time to pro-wrestling or snowboarding, MacArthur enjoys water-skiing and spending time on the beach.