Reporter reflects on Red River Shootout experience

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The Red River Shootout should be renamed the Oklahoma shootout since Oklahoma has won the last four meetings between the Texas Longhorns.

If you have never been to an OU/Texas weekend you should just go because of the atmosphere of one of the biggest college football games every year. I hope they keep the Red River Shootout at the Texas State Fair/Cotton Bowl because it keeps the stadium with half and half.

As soon as you enter the fair grounds you can smell the fried foods, beer and hamburgers. By about noon the fair grounds has thousands of fans walking around. All the fans are getting restless and are ready for the game to start. Texas fans are yelling “OU Sucks” and chanting “Texas Fight,” while the Oklahoma fans are chanting “Boomer Sooners.” Texas fans wear shirts that say “O Who”, “FUKOU” and “OU SUCKS”. Oklahoma fans wear shirts that say “Keep Mack Around,” and the longhorn image turned upside down on shirts and hats.

In my family, this game is more then just a rivalry or about bragging rights. My dad graduated from the University of Texas, and my uncle graduated from the University of Oklahoma and played baseball for the Sooners. For the past 15 years, I have gone to Dallas to the game.

If you never been to a college football game, you should just go to the OU/Texas game and feel the ultimate college game. When you see the stadium split half and half down the 50 yard line orange and red its just amazing how a game could be this big for these two teams.

The last three years have been all OU and this year wasn’t any different as OU won 65-13. Texas had six turnovers and Oklahoma scored 38 points off the turnovers and there is no way a team can come back from that. In the first quarter when Texas fumbled at the OU two yard line, you new the game was over with the score OU 14 Texas 7.

After this game you can tell why Oklahoma is stands atop the college football rankings.