Report Card

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A – Stephen F. Austin The “Battle of the Piney Woods” is a long standing, fun rivalry between Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin. The two universities are close in size, pride, and in curriculum. And while the “battle” is an obvious rivalry on the outside, actions of the SFA Lumberjacks quarterback Wes Pate last week showed the rivalry is more than just a lot of fun ribbing and bragging rights. Once hearing that Sam Houston might be up against Northern Arizona in the first round of NCAA I-AA play-offs, the Lumberjack quarterback made a long distance phone call to one of our coaches. He just wanted to give them a heads up on part of the Northern Arizona strategy that SFA had fallen victim to. This was not the action of an enemy, but of a true ally. Pate’s actions showed that SFA is a friend to Sam Houston and is on our side. His actions also showed a true sportsmanship which should be taken, appreciated and learned from.The rivalry between the two schools is a hell of a lot of fun. Both schools enjoy the activities that lead up to the big game, and both teams enjoy the year of bragging rights once they earn it by defeating the other on the field. But one simple phone call last week showed the true spirit of the “Battle of the Piney Woods.” We commend this.

F – Slackers Everyone has skipped one class. Most of us have skipped two. Yet these people are NOT slackers. The slackers that have earned an “F” in today’s report card are those people who wait until the end of the semester to care about their grades and who impose on everyone else to try to save their GPA’s. It has happened to each of us. We are sitting in class, and someone walks in who we don’t recognize. Then after class they make some lame excuse about why they have missed the last 20 classes and ask to borrow your notes. You have two options. You can be an ogar and tell them NO, they should have been responsible. Or you can try to be nice and turn over your notes, hoping they will show up the next class day to return them. These slackers impose on everyone.The other kind of major slackers fail our test as well. These are the people who say they will do something, for example one part of a group project, and then back out at the last minute. This not only hurts them but this has the chances of hurting the entire group’s grades, which is hardly fair to the people who did do their work. We know that everyone has one of those days where we hardly hold up our end of the responsibilities. Yet, those single days here and again don’t hurt anyone else. They don’t inconvenience anyone else. They only hurt us.