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Professors can run, but they can’t hide from RateMyProfessors.com. This is a website that allows students to post evaluations of their professors online.

Year after year I see the same professors teaching the same courses, in the same manner that they did the year before, so why are we still filling out Teacher Evaluation forms? The only warning that students receive to deter them from taking horrible professors is “Word of mouth,” until RateMyProfessor.com came along.

“I got the idea for the site after taking a class with a particularly dastardly professor who often left students in tears and genuinely seemed to enjoy it,” said John Swapceinski, founder of RateMyProfessors.com

Students can now rate their professors anonymously on the different categories of clarity, helpfulness, difficulty of classes and even physical attractiveness. There is also a section where students can leave personal comments in regards to certain professor.

Professors are rated on a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being the best. Though the site is geared toward the responses of students, professors receive a better rating than one would think. Although some expect the site to be just a place to bash professors, almost 70% of the ratings are positive, said Swapceinski.

“Excellent professor. If you fail his class than you need to quit college,” is one of the comments posted on the site in response to the highest rated professor on our campus, Professor Jack Turner of the Science Department. The science professor received a perfect score of 5.0, among the other 64 SHSU professors rated.

The site has received many positive comments as well as negative ones. There seems to be a number of critics that question the validity of the ratings, since students are not required to log into the site in order to rate the professors. The site’s list of frequently asked questions admits, “Remember, we have no way of knowing who is doing the rating-students, the teacher, other teachers, parents, dogs, cats, etc.”

In response to the threats of legal action from professors that Swapceinski receives he said, “It’s amazing, the number of professors with Ph.D.’s who don’t get the concept of the First Amendment.”