Corner Pocket offers a smoke-free environment

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When it comes to nightlife in Huntsville, there is not a lot of difference from one place to the next, but the Corner Pocket may be the breath of fresh air this town is looking for.The Corner Pocket, located at 1421 Sam Houston Avenue, is a quaint pool hall and caf that offers day and night activities. When you walk in, you are hit with the aroma of fresh coffee, not the blast of smoke you would expect from most pool halls. This is because Corner Pocket is a smoke and alcohol free facility. “People like to come to a place where they can play pool and not leave smelling like smoke,” said owner and operator Charlie Owens “Even the smokers don’t seem to mind going outside. We just stop their pool time for them until they come back in.”Another interesting and unique thing about the Corner Pocket is its hours of operation. It is open from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m., Monday through Thursday, and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. This means you can come in at 12:30 a.m. and get fresh-made food, and not some greasy twice-fried burger you waited in line too long for, anyway.Some of the items on the menu include a different homemade freshly prepared soup everyday. The menu includes various items, from breakfast wraps and sandwiches to pitas, fresh chicken and Rueben sandwiches and even desserts straight from the Cheesecake Factory. The Corner Pocket also has some of the best quesadillas in town that rival all the Huntsville Mexican restaurants, Owens said. The quesadillas are served in a generous portion, are filling and available at a reasonable price.”We’ve had people call us from San Antonio who’ve stopped through here, and tell us we some of the best quesadillas they’ve ever had,” said Owens.At the coffee bar, the Corner Pocket offers an array of lattes, cappuccinos and custom made coffee drinks. It serves only gourmet Columbian and Hawaiian coffees, along with a variety of black, green and herbal teas. Corner Pocket also makes a Jet Tea smoothie, an energy drink that will get you going if you’re run down. “I just had a Lazarus,” said one female patron. “It was pretty strong and I had to sip it slow, but it was very good.”The Lazarus is a custom drink thought up by the co-owner and Owens’ wife, Judy. It consists of two espresso shots, real cream and French vanilla flavoring.”I’ll have one of those first thing in the morning and about twenty minutes later, I’m awake and ready,” said Charlie OwensAlong with providing pool accommodations, which include the only professional-sized tables north of The Woodlands, the Corner Pocket also features live music entertainment. A different local Huntsville or Houston act performs every Saturday night for only a $3 cover. The Corner Pocket also hosts Sam Jam in January, which consists of ten plus bands all weekend with admission of $5 at the door.With all this, the Corner Pocket also offers pool leagues, nine ball tournaments every Wednesday night, student meal plans, free lunch delivery with no minimum order and a great environment for studying, relaxing or just hanging out. For more information, contact the Corner Pocket at 439-9400.