Bearkat Idol

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The famous TV show “American Idol” has not only worked its way into the lives of millions of viewers, it has also made its way onto the SHSU campus in the form of “Bearkat Idol.” The student organization “Talented Tenth,” is credited to creating the SHSU spin-off of the original show. “We received the idea to create ‘BearKat Idol’ from the TV show ‘American Idol’,” said Shelby Allen, Talented Tenth Social Committee Chair. “The ‘BearKat Idol’ is a good way to recognize the talent on campus.” Live auditions for “Bearkat Idol” will be held Oct. 15, in the LSC Ballroom at 7 p.m. “The contestant will have 60 seconds to perform their talent a cappella,” said Allen. There will be approximately 20 -25 contestants accepted, and the contest will expand over a period of four consecutive weeks. The judging panel will be made up of three students and one faculty member. Inyang Ekong, Melanie Rhodes and Shartarri Darrington are the three students that will judge the contest. The faculty member has yet to be announced. “Bearkat Idol 2” will be hosted by comedian Elliot Jordan and last year’s “Bearkat Idol” winner, Sarah Salinas. The four different categories the contestants will be judged on are: vocal ability, stage presence, appearance and crowd response. There will be ten contestants after the first week of the show, five after the second week and two after the third week. The two last contestants will compete during Homecoming Week in the final show on Nov. 3, in front of the student body. “We want the contestants to just do the best they can,” said Allen. Contestants for “Bearkat Idol 2” will not only have to worry about their singing abilities, but they also will have to get their ‘hands dirty’ with some fundraisers and community service work. The “Talented Tenth” will have a Bearkat Idol car wash on Oct. 2, in the Auto Zone parking lot from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. The contestants will have the opportunity to sing to Huntsville patrons as they get their cars washed, said Allen. The contestants will also have a community service pre-show, for the residents of the Huntsville Carriage Inn on Oct. 8, at 2 p.m. The “Bearkat Idol” has grown to be a large student attraction since its emergence onto the campus last year. “We expect a big increase in the attendance from last year,” said Allen. “A lot of student organizations are supporting and encouraging their members to participate in the show,” said Allen. “Many student organizations want a member of their organizations to showcase their talent and win.” The “Talented Tenth” encourages all student organizations to make “Bearkat Idol 2” signs and posters to promote their organizations and the show. The posters and signs will be used to decorate the LSC Ballroom during the shows. “Bearkat Idol 2” will be a great opportunity for the students around campus to showcase their talent, said Allen.