Bad Boys Burritos: Tow away zone

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Starting today, Bad Boy Burritos will have official state parking signs saying the parking lot between the restaurant and Subway is for their customers only and will give the restaurant owners the right to tow away non-customers.According to Thomas Smith, co-owner and manager of Bad Boy Burritos, a towing company has been hired to start towing away vehicles of people who are not customers. He said the trucks will most likely stay on the restaurant’s property for about a week or two and then will simply just patrol the area.In the meantime, the Subway restaurant on Sam Houston Avenue has been left without a parking lot, since Bad Boy Burritos owns the parking lots to the restaurant’s left, and they say no parking.Store Manager Josh Forrest said when the restaurant next door was Angelo’s, Subway customers were allowed to park in the parking lot. A dumpster was used as the unofficial boundary between the two restaurants.Now the owners of Bad Boy Burritos will not allow Subway customers to use the lot.Forrest said because of the loss of parking space, the restaurant has lost about $700 to $800 a week, which he claims is not too much.He also said prior to the loss of parking, most customers walked to the restaurant anyway.”Now that the parking lot’s gone, we get to see how many people just walk up,” said Forrest.Forrest also said the majority of Subway customers at his location are SHSU students and professors, who just walk from the school to the restaurant.Ed de la Garza, owner of Quarter’s Sports Bar and Grill, across the street from Subway, has allowed Subway employees and some customers to use his parking lot.Smith said Subway customers parking in his lot is still a problem.He said he tried to resolve the issue with the owner of both Huntsville Subways, but could not.”I’ve tried to make it work somehow, but it won’t,” said Smith.Smith said when he first opened his restaurant, there were signs on the outside of Subway claiming the parking lot belonged to it. He said that he had to ask three times to make the Subway owners take down the signs.”I probably would have tried to work something out, but people have to be a little more friendlier about trying to resolve the problem,” said Smith.The owners of Bad Boy Burritos lease the building and parking lot from the land’s owner, which gives them the exclusive rights to parking on the property. Smith placed his own signs warning that the lot was for his customers only, but he said it has not deterred non-customers from parking.Smith said apart from Subway customers, SHSU students frequently park on his lot facing Academic Building II and leave their cars while they go to class.According to Smith, many of the people who park illegally in his lot block his customers from being able to leave. He must go over to Subway sometimes to ask their customers to move.Smith added despite his restaurant’s proximity to the school, the majority of the people who park illegally are actually Huntsville locals and not students.Forrest said despite not having a parking lot, Subway is still a popular restaurant.”The no parking hasn’t stopped them from coming,” he said.