Apples to Oranges

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Second only to the competition for students’ textbook dollars might be the competition for their grocery dollars. With four local grocery store chains, students have a choice as to where to shop. “I do all my shopping at HEB,” said sophomore Crystal Franklin. “I live close and the prices are cheap.” After recently purchasing the same 10 items at HEB, Kroger and Brookshire Brothers, HEB did in fact have the lowest receipt total. Open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., HEB serves many college students.”Forty to 45 percent of our customers are college students,” said manager Dave Wauson, contributing this high number to being close to the school. Brookshire Brothers, located on 11th Street, had the second lowest receipt total. Its hours are 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and about 25 percent of its customers are college students.”We are competitive with college staples,” said Greg Smith, assistant store director. “We have low prices on Copenhagen, Totino’s frozen pizzas, chips, cokes, beer–what college students buy.”Smith said that a large part of Brookshire’s business is brought in through its fresh market.”We have our fresh breads, our salads, our fresh pizzas, and our meats are better than our other competitors,” he said. “We run about $14,000 out of our deli a week.”The tobacco barn is also a big attraction for Brookshire Brothers.”I don’t think anyone in town can compete with those prices,” Smith said.Kroger, coming in third, is open 24 hours a day and is located off of 11th Street and Interstate 45.”Students should come here for one stop shopping,” said store manager Tracy Mikes. “We have a pharmacy, cosmetics–we have everything.”Mikes also said students should shop at Kroger because of the nice people who work there.”We have a lot of students who work here,” she said. “Therefore we have a lot of students who shop here.”Super Wal-Mart, located off of I-45 and also open 24 hours a day, declined to take part in the survey.”To protect our customers and Wal-Mart’s interests we decline to participate in this survey,” said Assistant Manager John Butler.”Price does matter,” Franklin said. “On a college budget, I want to shop where I can afford to buy the most.”